Pinacar – Design and Art in Marble and Natural Stones

There are no borders for the beauty of stone, and some of our work demonstrated

Since its founding, PINACAR It has positioned as a solid organization, serving as a reference in the sector, leadership and vocation. We offer our products and services efficiently, in accordance with the applicable quality requirements that are demanded by our customers, always maintaining respect for the environment and job security, and with a clear goal: reach the excellence.



– personal and exclusive dealing with our customers, in order to create lasting relationships with the same.

– Processing systems always supported the latest technology, allowing us maximum speed in decision-making.

– A highly qualified and trained team, guided by a firm commitment to finding innovative solutions, interpret and solve any additional requirements of our main asset: Our clients

– constant creativity, to improve procedures and the ability and willingness to cooperate with other companies and maximize results.



PINACAR It is in a prime location, in the knot of land communications between Levante, Andalusia and Madrid. further, soon a new highway we Portugal will join us. This excellent geographical location we It provides optimal conditions from the point of view of logistics for transport raw material and finished product.



In the twenty years of experience PINACAR, we have been demonstrating in the execution of multiple projects, the quality of both our manufactured as installation thereof.

Nowadays, we have machinery, tool and software (laser scanner) last generation that allows us to achieve the highest levels of quality demanded by our customers. Thanks to CNC system, which allows us to control using software tools, we are capable of manufacturing and shaping any piece of stone, sea 2D ó 3D. With our machines water jet cutter, whereby we get cut the stone with perfect finishing, we can execute any job no matter how complex.

PINACAR It shows in every project that we are a highly qualified company to perform the most complex and expensive works both indoors and outdoors. Our executions are not only beautiful and lasting in time, but They enhance the architectural environment in which they are located.

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